Pallet Racking

Choosing the right Pallet Racking when you are opening a new warehouse is one of the most important factors. It will be crucial to the operational success of your business. Below are the most important factors of consideration when selecting your pallet racking installation type.

Understand Your Pallet Racking Storage Requirements

Firstly, you need to confirm exactly what needs to be stored and of what quantities as that will help you decide what type of systems you need. Pallet racking is used for holding pallets and heavy materials, whereas cantilever systems are more for long, slim items. It’s important to consider the racking type to maximise space.

Utilise the Available Floor & Ceiling Space

Many companies make the mistake of making the use of outward floor space and forget about the vertical. Safely making use of vertical space in a safe way is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Installation Times & Disruption

It’s best if possible, to have a pallet racking installation completed when the business is not operational out of the space. This avoids any disruption to your current setup and means you can continue with business as usual. A slow migration to the new warehouse is best, ensuring you remain efficient and order times don’t suffer.


Stock placement needs to be carefully considered to ensure staff have ease of access throughout the order process so goods can be replenished and rotated. If the movement of stock is not safe and efficient, you will incur additional costs for time wasted having to eventually fix.

Future Considerations and Growth

You should always be mindful of future growth plans, ensuring there is room in the current space to expand your pallet racking set up as the business grows.


Pallet racking installation