Mezzanine Flooring

If you need more space, then a mezzanine floor is the perfect solution. A mezzanine floor is also known as a ‘second floor’ which is partly open to the double-height ceilinged floor below or which does not extend over the whole floor space of the building. Installing mezzanine flooring will not only help you get the extra space you need with minimum disruption to your business  but you will not need to move premises to expand your stock or business area.

However before installing a mezzanine floor, you should do your research and find the answers to any questions you may have. Below we have the answers to the frequently asked questions we receive on mezzanine flooring.


How much does a mezzanine floor cost?

The pricing of a mezzanine floor depends solely on how big you need and installers will usually charge you per square metre. However, if you compare the overall cost of a mezzanine floor to the cost of moving premises you will find a huge comparison and should save yourself and your business around 80%.

Do I need planning permission to install a mezzanine floor?

In most cases, thankfully you will not need planning permission. This is if it is fully demountable and the changes are made internally but you will need to have buildings regulations approval.

How high does a ceiling need to be for a mezzanine floor?

To install a mezzanine floor into a building there must be a ceiling height of 14 feet which is the equivalent of 4.2 metres. This will then allow you to have space to work and underneath the mezzanine flooring. However if the space below the mezzanine floor is lower than 12 feet (3.6 metres) the space underneath can only be used for storage. This is due to health and safety.

Mezzanine flooring as a storage solution

There are many companies who install mezzanine flooring to help improve the storage within your warehouse or building. So whether you require additional office storage or production space, follow these steps and afterwards contact your local storage solution specialists to install your mezzanine floor.